Gil Marks’ Yahrzeit

Tomorrow marks the second anniversary of Gil Marks‘s death. Even though I met Gil only a couple of times, I feel that I have to write about this amazing man. I was sad to see that his webpage was taken down. The man was not only the real walking food encyclopedia, but a Rabbi writing his Parshat ha Shavuah comments always connecting Torah with food.

I met Gil at Limmud Philly one year, where he performed his cooking show, we had an early dinner with a mutual friend of ours, and he was telling a story about every dish appearing on the table. He was already diagnosed by that time and was planning his Aliyah. We communicated via Facebook once in a while.

He moved to Alon Shvut, but continued his work until the end. I remember once, knowing that he was writing a book on American cakes I’ve asked him about a great and easy enough cake recipe for my daughter’s birthday. He answered within an hour from Israel with three of them outlining each cake’s best features. Little did I know that he was in his last months. Half a year later he was gone.

I own three of Gil’s books. I read the encyclopedia for information as much as for recipes at least once a month. I used Olive Trees and Honey many times, especially since my daughters went vegetarian. I am still hoping to see American Cakes published, finished by one of his chef-friends.

I do not know Gil’s family, mostly living in Israel, but I feel that we cannot allow ourselves to forget people like Gil – a man, a chef, a Rabbi, a Jew.


May his memory be a blessing to all of us.


A man lives

HIs life enriches others

That man gone. Who will remember?




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