More Articles About Food!

An interesting article caught my attention – obviously, food related. Apparently, there’s a new book all about hummus! Naturally, I was also intrigued by this intro:

“Traveling the streets and alleyways of nine Middle Eastern hummus hubs, from Cairo all the way to Damascus via Gaza, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Acre, and Beirut, we explored how the chickpea has sustained a synthesis of influences that transcend place and time.”

I happen to love chickpeas. I use them in salads, rice and couscous dishes, and meat, of course, if I make it. I never used canned, only dried that I soak overnight, and then cook. Although, sometimes I used prepared little boxes from the local small supermarket.

I haven’t read the book yet, as It’s not yet available in the US, but here are some of the interesting books talking about hummus among other things. Hoping the new book is going to be worth the wait.






I feel like I am just going to add new cool articles about Jewish food to this post. Here’s a new one from Tablet, mentioning Gil Marks z’l as well as a vegetable my Dad used to love.






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