This is a blog about my favorite subjects – kosher food, my very grown up girls, Torah study, Israel, travel, politics, etc. Would love to hear back from you!

A while ago I was also posting personal struggles mostly in the form of little verses. It is, apparently, easier to let them go into the virtual realm than share painful thoughts with someone who is your friend. It seems that no one specific sees and yet – everyone does. I am sure I am not alone here. My life has, thank Gd dramatically changed for the better since I was writing those verses. However, I am not deleting these posts. If I was able to change myself and my outlook on life, and become happy – everyone can. Changing yourself changes the world around you, and Gd’s blessings that were ‘hiding’ from you become open. You just need to learn to see them. The more you acknowledge them, the more they come. I am leaving my pages here as an encouragement for everyone including myself – I still work on myself every day.

I have recently added an Instagram account, which has pictures of the food I make. Just in case you are interested.

Update: I have just merited one of my recipes to be published on one of my favorite sites – Jewish Food Hero!

All photos featured on this site are either my own or were acquired from free photo sharing sites which do not require any attribution. 

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  1. Shana Tova and Chag Sameach! I am so glad you have stopped by my blog, and I am very happy to have found you!

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    1. Thanks! It’s a mutual sentiment.


  2. Hello! Question: do you have a post for sufganiyot or, conversely, are planning to do one?


    1. Didn’t think about it yet, but I do have some great recipes. I think I might make a post.

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      1. Please do! I’ll reblog it instantly.

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