Cookbooks and Jewish History

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I just could not keep this and not share with you. My apologies if you saw this article somewhere else, but I think it is just such a testimony to Jewish endurance. I am certainly planning to buy this book now.

Meanwhile, I got two more amazing cookbooks from my girls for Hanukkah. IMG_8335[1].JPG

I have a couple of books by Leah Koenig and already heard the testimonies for her new one bordering on encyclopedia. It was very nce to see that she had dedicated her book to Gil Marks z’l, the late walking encyclopedia of anything related to Jewish foods. And, of course, I can’t wait to read the “Shuk”. Nothing better that Israel and food topics in one volume!

A couple of other articles worth reading.

This one is an amazing story about returning of biblical plants to where they belong. I remember years ago I planted trees with my daughter in Neot Kedumim, the biblical reserve, where we could only plant the species that existed in ancient Israel. Always hoping to return there and look at the almonds that we planted hoping they’ve grown into beautiful trees. We did it next to a small memorial dedicated to (mostly) young Jews of Russian descent that were brutally murdered by an Arab terrorist at Dolphinarium.

In another twist of fate, as described by Leah, again, Jewish food finds its way back to Warsaw of all places. I hope you will find this article fascinating.


The new calendar year started. Let’s hope it will be more peaceful than the last one.









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