100 Most Jewish Foods

Since it’s Pesach and, generally, there’s not so much time to write anything apart from work (alas, I work all hol-haMoed), I’ve decided to bring you some fun reading about Jewish food.

First, of course, is the newly published, more fund that truth Tablet’s guide to a 100 Jewish foods. I really like the eggplant stop, not only because it mentions Gil Marks, z’l, but because it was really considered Jewish-only food for a while in Italy. If you think of Italian food today, what could be more traditional than eggplant, right?

Another interesting stop on that wheel is Teiglach,  however, even in their picture, it looks way too big. I haven’t ever seen any picture or a real thing as good as my grandmother, and now mother makes, though very rarely. Understandably so – it requires a whole day of prep, most of the time consumed by cutting the dough into minuscule pieces. I have never made it by myself, only with my mom, but have a resolve to make it soon enough. Gd-willing!

Finally, Yebra, which in my area was called dolma, makes a nice stop on the wheel. In Derbent, where I spent my summers quite often it was made with lamb and rice, delicious to the last little piece. My amazing vegan 26-year old makes it vegan, of course, and thinks nothing of it. I am always thinking three times before making anything individual, much less using tiny grape leaves. But then again – our children have to better than us in everything, is that not right?

Food, like ideas, travels the world and gets appropriated by everyone if it tastes right to an individual or a family. Today as ever, living in a global community, we encounter foods that we didn’t even hear about in our youth. I am wondering sometimes if the day will come when we will stop fighting about anything else and fight only over which food on the table we like most.

Moadim le-Simcha!


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