Veganism at its Best

I rarely review restaurants. However, the one I went to a couple of days ago with my girl friends, is really worthy of a review. Maybe because it is still out of norm, at least here, in New York – this is a vegan kosher place.

I remember visiting them once before, when my younger daughter firmly turned to veganism. All I could think about then is “what can you make vegan, except for a simple salad?” This time, of course, I am more knowledgeable about the concept itself. So, when my friends and I decided to go for a free Metropolitan Opera evening at the Lincoln Center, we knew where to go before – Blossom! First of all, the service beats most of the places I know. I came earlier, and asked for two tables to be merged outside to accommodate the three of us. The waiter came out right after me, moving the tables, smiling, getting me water and menus. And it continues through the evening. This was the first time in a while I ordered a cocktail, and it didn’t disappoint – I am always worried that it would have too much alcohol, but this time it was perfect for me, pear, mango, and some tingly stuff, just right for the light vegan meal.

We ordered four sides to share and each one was better than the other – truffle mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, sauteed mushrooms and kale & butternut squash. I also took the beet carpaccio. My friends had buffalo risotto croquettes and soy bacon cheeseburger (I am not the one for soy stuff, still too conservative, but maybe one day).

I have to say, the food deserves only one word – delicious! Every bite is better than the next. It does make a person like me think – and why am I not making things like that at home? So, I resolved to try making more vegan dishes. I will have to get some advice from my vegan home pasta making daughter 🙂

Last, but not least, the place is kosher. Yes, I know, they are under the IKC, some of my friends will not eat there, but to each their own. I think for a vegan place, it’s ok.

So, considering that we got to enjoy the opera after walking the food off to the Lincoln Center from 84th street, the evening was amazing.

If you live in New York, or are vising, Blossom (any location, they have 4) is a place to go.

Let me know if you like it!

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