Wine! Glorious (kosher) Wine!

Not sure if I said it already, but my younger daughter is studying to become a sommelier. Apparently, there are only 249 masters of this trade in the whole world! In America, there are only 25 women. One can study for years and years and still fail the Master’s exam. So, there is a long road ahead. Meanwhile, I have taken a renewed interest in wines, of course. Am I now a Jewish mother?

I never really drank anything else – no vodka, no spirits, just a (very occasional) cocktail. People routinely ask me; “Are you sure you are from Russia?” But I like wines and my taste evolves influenced by my daughter and my age (I think).

So, today, I decided to share an article written by a guy I’ve taken to reading, Adam S. Montefiore. 

Here’s an article he wrote about the misperceptions of kosher wines as inferior, which yes, used to be the case, but not any longer. So, I’d like to say Le Chaim to this!

Hope you enjoy.








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  1. I am with you on wines, and thank you for sharing the article. Best of luck to your daughter!

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