Shemot, Mosheh, And The Strangest Story Of All

Some beautiful and thought provoking Torah shiurim from an amazing young Rabbi. Enjoy during this cold weather.

Shabbat Shalom!

joe wolfson

There is currently a state of emergency in New York with a snow blizzard keeping everyone in doors. So here are three shiurim on Parshat Shemot to help you all pass the time learning Torah.

1. Introducing Shemot – What’s In A Name – An introd uction to the book of Shemot, focusing on both the first chapter and the themes and structure of the sefer as a whole.

2. Introducing Mosheh – The First 80 Years – Who is the young Mosheh? Why does Hashem choose him of all people? And why is his impatient radicalism in ch.2 replaced by such hesitancy in ch.3?

3. The Time God Tried To Kill Mosheh – 4:24-26 are some of the strangest verses in all of Tanakh. Having finally convinced Mosheh to return to Egypt, Hashem tries to kill Mosheh (or his son). And if that’s strange then Tzipora’s successful solution is…

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