Talking About “The Other” – Pseudo Diversity in Action

Just have to rant. Thinking about it more and more lately. Brings me back to the theater of the absurd,
Your  “blood pressure rising ” once the word “immigration ” comes up?
Why is it at the low with the words like “rabbinate” or “Haredi”?


I have just returned from a brainstorming meeting for the organization I was involved with on and off for some time and wouldn’t mind being involved again.

Naively, I still think that a place or organization proclaiming itself liberal and tolerant is tolerant to everyone and every idea. Words like “diversity “, “other”, “racism”, “color”, “inclusivity “permeated the room. Some really bright ideas were floating.  Of course, I knew beforehand that I would be in the minority or alone. I am mostly fine with this – it happens a lot. But hearing the words “occupation ” and phrases like “rabbinate is the worst” not being frowned upon much less combated made me wonder again and again.

Who is really tolerant? How is the woman wearing $200 or so jeans ripped as if she were 15 thinks that she can talk about struggles more than me? Did she taste it?

If we are talking about tikun olam, why do we talk only about the outside world? Since when the Jewish values became only about “other”?

There was one tiny voice at the end saying that we should make sure to allow different, not only liberal opinions. That is hopeful but for now, I am not so sure I am going to stay involved.  Pity for both sides. We will still not hear each other. So much for diversity.


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