Kasha Varnishkes & Joan Nathan

I just had to share this! Of course, the moment I saw the title of this article ” The Enduring Delights of Kasha Varnishkes”, I just had to say something. I am so happy tablet started this series with Joan Nathan. I love watching the short videos even if sometimes my version of the Jewish food history or a recipe is slightly different than hers. But, who am I to argue? The woman wrote so many great cookbooks!

So, Here’s the full article for your pleasurable reading together with the video. Indeed, my grandmother, and me after her, always made this dish with lots of wild mushrooms. Thankfully, there was an abundance in the forests near Yekaterinburg, the city, where I was born. I used to know which mushrooms to pick, obviously expertly guided by my parents. There best, of course were лисички – chanterelles or белые – White mushrooms – not too close to the ones you find here at any store. Those were, actually, brown capped with deep flavor. Well, here I use mini bellas or portobellos cut small.

I also don’t use any egg or mini-kasha that she mentions in the video. I am not too sold on crunchy kasha. I love mine to blend easily with the noodles. I also cook everything separate first, and them put it together. I also do quite a bit more kasha than noodles, but this may be because I am all into healthy now, and where does one find healthy bowtie pasta? I do use olive or sunflower oil since we do not eat meat, but, indeed, my grandmother would use schmaltz.

Whichever way you go – this is a quintessential home (heimishe) food. I hope you make it and make it often.

I do realize that this is a promotional series for Joan, but I hope many people enjoy that as much as I do.


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