Limmud! What a Great Idea!

Limmud is a really neat idea!I have been going to Limmud in New York area for years, was involved with the Limmud NY chavruta project and Limmud FSU for quite some time now.

I have just returned from yet another amazing weekend celebrating Jewish life in all its incarnations.LimmudFSU2017_4

The energy of the place filled with a thousand people specifically gathered in one place to learn, party, sing, debate each other and meet new people coming from the same background is amazing. You see young and very young – from teens to babies hanging in those modern devices that allow the mother to move freely not being separated from her baby for one second. You see middle aged and even really senior folks enjoying themselves, listening to lectures, dancing, chatting. All together regardless of their religious (un)affiliation, political views, life choices. For me – this is priceless!

My favorite sessions were two lectures with Professor Zvi Gittelman on different aspects of Jewish History, Joan Nathan‘s presentation on Jewish Foods around the world (got the signed book!), Alex Selsky’s  honest talk on why we shouldn’t apologize for being in Israel, Rabbi Pinchas Polonsky’s presentation on the fusion future of Zionism and Judaism based on the teachings of Rav Kook, and of course, my favorite – chavruta with Yaffa Epstein. I am so thrilled she made it to Limmud FSU this year! Of course, it was amazing to see and listen to the legendary ‘Chto, Gde, Kogda’ (What? Where? When?) guru, Alexander Drouz!

I’ve done my presentation this year comparing Miriam and Lina Stern, two remarkable women that, basically, carried people on their small shoulders. Thankfully, it was very well received by a small group that came to listen to me despite the dinner time.

I can’t really say enough about this weekend. I am so thankful that the young guys of the organizing committee count me among their ranks. I love to help organize this incredible experience for those who is well immersed into Jewish life and those who get to learn about it for the first time.

Until the next Limmud!



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