Hanukkah, Cooking, Baking, Kitchen & Life Struggles

This time I just want to share some culinary-related news:

This article talks about the struggles and cooking as the way to overcome one’s challenges. A very close to heart concept for me. I used, and sometimes still use cooking, and especially bread making as a means to get out of melancholic thoughts. These days, thankfully, I am mostly in a cheerful mood, but winter makes me look for the signs of spring almost from the day 1 of cold weather, so now I have some beautiful-looking sour starter growing on my counter and as soon as it’s ready, I will report back with a new bred experiment.

Joan Nathan, whom I was lucky to meet one year at Limmud FSU, is talking about her favorite Jewish foods in this article.

I have made a few things from a couple of Joan’s books that I own, although I have to admit, as usual, I have adjusted the recipes based on my pantry, my mood, and a thousand other little factors affecting my life at that moment.

Finally, as Hanukkah is quickly approaching and the latkes / sufganiot craziness begins in earnest, here’s an article with some helpful tips on making your perfect latke.

For a few years now, I try to lighten my latkes up by combining potatoes with zucchini, leeks or cauliflower. Below, you will see some picture of them made for my family outside of traditional Hanukkah time.



I hope your Holidays will be joyful and full of light!


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