Charoset – the Best of Pesach

I have almost stopped writing here. My personal stories of pain, thankfully, came to an end and my life became a 1000-fold better with one thing that, I believe, everyone needs in life – Love. Yes, Love with a capital L. This is such a small, easy word to pronounce, but underneath lies a myriad of emotions, words, actions and dreams.

Even today, when I am stuck at home for over three weeks as I got sick very early in the process, there’s no-one I would rather be stuck with than a person I married half a year ago.

This is our first Pesach together. and what a Pesach it is turning out to be! No-one expected this. I am sure we all heard it a thousand times. We are going to have to make a very small, really basic seder as both of us still lack the strength needed for a more elaborate one. Cleaning we have done (almost), and now my thoughts turn to the only dish I really love for Pesach (save for my dad’s z’l gefite fish) – charoset! Every year I make my own variation that includes bits of both Ashkenazi and Sepharadi traditions, but most importantly – my own. Every year it’s a bit different, depending on my mood and things I bought for the hag.

This year, I was happy to find this sort-of-interactive map of charosets from around world.

We still have time. let’s elevate our charoset this year! Let’s hope the “after” time – after Pesach, after scare, after sickness and deaths of people near and far, will bring us the sweetness of childhood’s tastes, voices of our grandmothers, wisdom of previous generations that were able to overcome challenges without loosing their humanity.


Here’s to our freedom – soul and body!



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