Apple-Carrot-Honey-Raisin Salad for a sweet New Year

Naturally, no table for Rosh ha Shana (at least in the Ashkenazi families) is complete without this sweet salad. Apples, honey, and carrots are all part of the Holiday table Simanim.

So easy to make – no real measurements needed, just mix the ingredients to your taste:

A few grated  carrot Naturally, the youngest, organic carrots are the best.

A couple of grated Sundowner-Apple Again, organic are the best. However, I used regular, there were no organic apples in my vicinity.

A small bunch of  Raisins5 I used light ones, but any variety is good.

A drizzle of  Lemon3 juice so that the apples do not turn dark.

Finally,  honey as much or as little as you wish. Mix it all together and enjoy at your holiday table.

Shana tova, everyone!


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  1. What’s your suggestion for replacing the honey with to make it vegan? Would a little agave syrup be too strong?


    1. If you don’t eat honey, certainly agave should be fine. Just add it in tiny portions and taste all the time.


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