Fun Food and Israel Related Articles

It is no surprise that Israeli chefs are on the forefront of all things new. Why should food be an exemption? There have been a number of articles lately about innovative ways Israelis think about food using words like “vegan, ecological, and locavore”. New-old plants are appearing on the restaurants’ tables straight from the biblical times. 

Now, I am dreaming to go back to Israel, and try all the new foods, not forgetting my favorite places, of course, many of which are just tiny holes in the wall.

Enjoy reading!

P.S. I have decided that I will be adding more articles here all the time. This one is by Shannon Sarna and is about Nosher, and Shannon’s unique way to Jewishness through food. YIVO is also now in the business of publishing articles about Jewish food.

This one is more interesting for me and it’s talking about Naama Shefi, the founder of Jewish Food Society 

Here’s another one, this time about Georgian food that I love that has another version of eggplant rolls. I also love lobio, of course, which I make during winter.

Now, they have already started publishing articles about Purim. So, which hamentashen filling do you prefer? My preference is always a mixture of poppy seeds, dried fruit and nuts.

If you are going to Israel anytime soon, make sure to look through this article recommending a few of the places to eat, some in surprising locations.

A new fun article with a tiny bit of Jewish Georgian history comes from Shannon Sarna again, this time about one of my favorite dishes – Chachapuri! I have only made it once, but now will have to try again.

Now, there’s an article about herring!What can be more fun?!

And here, I thought there can be nothing more fun than herring! Apparently, the Jews put their stamp on spaghetti too!

Adding more food-related articles here. So much fun for me!

Apparently, one of the oldest foods is mustard. And, really as this article states, and the Midrash confirms “three angels who came to announce the birth of Jacob to Abraham were served tongue in mustard sauce”. For sure, this along is a reason for Jews to love mustard! Enjoy reading!

Well, articles about Jewish and Israeli food keep popping up. I hope you enjoy this one about our food heritage.

Shabbat Shalom!


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