I am not sure when I am going to publish this. However, I am writing it almost three weeks to the date when my life will drastically change. Change for the best, please, Gd! It’s been ten months since הַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא let a certain amazing man find me among all the other women in the world.

During these miraculous months, a question has been asked of me – where were you three, two years ago? And the answer I had always was – it wouldn’t be possible for us to meet. I wasn’t ready.

One thing I got to understand among many during the last three years is that if you do not learn to love yourself, and be happy with yourself, even if you are alone, you will not be able to truly love someone else, and appreciate their love. I am not yet a fully changed woman. Sometimes I still have a nagging question “what if?” Yet, I try my best to stay positive, and to make sure to thank The Almighty for all the good that He bestows upon us.

I am writing this not only to share my happiness, but to publicly acknowledge that I am in real debt to so many people that I want to thank. Besides, Gd Almighty, who is the Source of all goodness, I have to thank these people, mostly women, who helped me in innumerable ways to become who I am today, and allowed me to grow in the direction I needed too. Some of them know it, some literally have no idea what role they played in my life unbeknownst to them. I am not going to name names here, but want to send my deepest gratitude to all of them, and to all of you, my readers for being here, making your nice comments, and generally supporting one another in this new virtual world of ours.

There is a Jewish tradition that a person experiencing good events has the right to bless the others as if they were suddenly endowed with some special magic powers.

I want to use my rights and bless all my family, friends, and all of you with peace – peace in our turbulent world and inner peace in everyone of us. I want to especially bless my girls – may they find happiness in every moment of their lives ad 120!

May we grow to see and experience the goodness of the Creation, and the enormous powers of The Almighty for love to every human being. May each one of you find happiness in your life they way everyone sees it.


I will come back to my culinary writings eventually, I promise.



P.S. It did happen! Couldn’t be happier.



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