Blueberries are in Season!

One thing I don’t think I saw in Jerusalem, is blueberries. Although during my Helsinki


layover, I ate the most delicious berries, even though they were outrageously expensive.

So, when I saw blueberries being  sold at my local store here, I just had to buy them. In turns out I bought too many, so I’ve been thinking over Shabbat (not planning, just thinking about) to make something out of them.

So, I have perused the blogosphear this morning and found a recipe right here on WordPress. I, of course had to add some of my own twist, precisely a bit of my “secret” citrus peel. 

I also added just a little bit of the banana liquor and reduced the baking powder amount just a bit. I find that helps the taste.

So, I am not going post the recipe here, as I have the original link. These are not at all hard to make, so do experiment.

Because I used a big cookie-cutter, they turned out fir for a mammoth 🙂 However, that did not diminish their taste, they are really yummy! Being dairy is really good for a dessert, no?


Next, I’ll try to make them with some other berries. Here’s to the new berry experiments!


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