Meeting the Giants – Taste of Limmud NY

I know I must be nuts. I work in the city, live in Brooklyn and pay money to go to learn until 10pm on a weeknight.

But, how could I miss The taste of Limmud? So, here I was, sitting in the chapel of the Hebrew Union College, an institution which religious outlook is super different from my own. This is the second time I came into the building, the first being to see the exhibition of an amazing Hanan Harcol. This time, it was to listen to the Grinbergs. Needless to say, an opportunity to run into some of the people whom I see quite rarely, but respect quite dearly only added to my excitement about this event.

I have never personally been in the company of this amazing family, but listening to them, I got to understand, I think, why their children are so naturally welcoming. I happened to be a Shabbat guest twice at the house of their son and daughter-in-law in the most beautiful neighbourhood of Katamon in Jerusalem while studying at Pardes. Even though I only met their daughter-in-law once before, I felt absolutely comfortable and at ease with the company and conversation.

Listening to the Rabbi who is considered a giant of Modern Orthodoxy and the woman who, practically, created the orthodox equality movement for women speak in each other’s presence with such reverence, such respect and love for each other, such devotion that is genuine, without lofty phrases, was a heart-warming and inspiring experience. Just think about it – they are married for 60 years! I think we can all learn (certainly I can!) how to combine humility and self-awareness at the same time from this amazing couple.

I then attended a breakout session with Ethan Tucker on my favorite subject – Why learn Torah as an adult? This, lately, became the environment I love the most – people sitting together discussing a subject based on the text – Bible, Mishna, Talmud or modern commentaries. Loved the class, loved the learning, loved hearing new perspectives from both the teacher and my fellow students in the room.

To top it off, I won a bid for a chocolate making class this Sunday at the Kosher Culinary Center! I guess my luck was that no one else wanted to go to Brooklyn. But, for me, it’s perfect! I can’t wait to report on that adventure. Hopefully, I won’t eat all of the goodies before taking pictures.




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  1. elisabethm says:

    Lucky you! Enjoy 😊

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