New Year – New Way of Blogging

Last year, right at the start, I have made a sort-of-promise to write a small something for every Parshah of the year.  I did it in memory of my loved ones, and in newly found understanding that some people, actually, are interested in things I have to say, be it Torah, some mini-poetry, or just life musings. I am still thrilled at this discovery.

I have only missed 3 or four Parashot, so I consider this project finished.

This year, I have decided to bring to you teachers much better than me – the ones I learned from personally, or virtually, as well as some fun and interesting Jewish trivia from different sources. I will, of course, add a verse or two hear and there. I would love to hear what you liked and what not and why. During the last couple of trying years (or most of my years, most of which were trying somehow) I realized that the more Jews and just people in general talk to each other, the more chance, however slim, we have at understanding. And with that – hopefully, peaceful coexistence.


So, I will start with Beresheet again, and again, with my favorite teacher. This year, Pardes institute came up with an idea that is totally new to me – Torah discussion together with Bible Raps! Listen to this lively talk about Adam. Even if you hate rap, like I do (apologies for rap aficionados), you might find this talk worth your while. I did.


So, this is for the Torah part. as for the trivia – since we are not too far gone from Yom Kippur, I hope you will like this article about an Amsterdam tradition.



Disclaimer: The image on the top, of course, is a property of The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, I just downloaded it from the podcast.














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