Summer Vegetarian Delights

Summer is the best time to experiment with vegetables. It is, of course, easier to do if you live on the land, or in one of those countries like Israel, where everything tastes delicious. My digital nomad, daughter, currently in Croatia with RemoteYear is munching on red currants that we very rarely get here, for example.

However, even in New York, where to get the tasteful produce you have to shell a pretty penny at an organic store, you can sometimes get a break and get ideas based on what you see on the shelves of your local grocery. Since I was staying in this Shabbat I decided to make some multi-veggie latkes. 

People always tell me that vegetables take too much time and effort to prepare tastefully. I submit that this is not correct. Of course, if you just throw a piece of meat in a crock-pot, it’s fast. The result, however, is not going to be great either – one needs to prep meat before putting it in for hours. Everything takes a bit of time and love to make.

Back to my latkes though. I took:

One small white potato

One medium yellow squash

One medium carrot

I have grated all the vegetables on a hand grinder. You can, of course use an electric one, and so would I had I needed more vegetables. I used the squash without the inner seeds part.

Added some salt, some black pepper and some smoked paprika, some dried oregano and basil.

Additionally, I poured an egg and used about equal amounts – one heaping tablespoon each – of coconut and rice flour.

I formed the latkes and dipped them just a little in the matzah meal. Any flour, obviously, can be used. I just wanted these as light as possible.

Fried them up inn some olive oil covered on each side for about 6-7 minutes. This will depend on how big or small your latkes are.

So, here we go – delicious, easy and healthy food. Total working time about 25 minutes! What could be better?


Enjoy! let me know if they worked for you too.


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  1. Joëlle says:

    Hello, discovering your blog and enjoying it! I have a question: are you talking about yellow summer squash for this recipe, the kind that looks like zucchini except yellow?


    1. Hi, Joelle! Thanks for your kind words! Yes, this is a summer yellow squash. I am sure you can use zucchini too, just squeeze all the liquid out. Good luck!

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