Just Two Verses

Yesterday, taking a break from pre-Pesach cleaning, I decided to go to a class for some real preparation. The Community Beit Midrash project is a cooperation of several learning institutions we are lucky to have here, in New York City. This one was held at Drisha, located just a block from the Central Park.


It was misty and dark yesterday while I walked through it, and yet:

Gloomy and cold is this man-made paradise

Like my life

But the subtle flowers are trying to make their way to the sun

Will I see these fragile shots of color

In my life, on my road?


Once at Drisha, I was again overcome with the sense of love and gratitude to HaShem for allowing me to be present in that incredible moment of learning. Discussing the text of the Tosefta talking about Hillel and his rulings on Pesach vs. Shabbat brought me back to the classes at Pardes and to Jerusalem that I miss so much:

Learning in the Beit Midrash again

My favorite teacher excitedly bringing the ancient text to life

This is my paradise for now, here

I’ll take it until

I am in Jerusalem




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  1. Have a Kosher and Joyous Pesach!


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