A Nice Post for a Change

So, this is just a quick good mood post. I can’t believe I am writing this, but yes – I am in a good mood today. Apparently, it pays to get up at 6 am even on a day you are working from home.

So this morning not only I got to the gym, but regardless of my inability to invite guests yet due to avelut, I decided to experiment with a new challah.

I took the recipe from the linked post, but since my za’atar supplies came to the end, and I am patiently waiting for a new batch to come from Israel, the only place worth buying za’atar in, I had to make up for it.

I made three challot, one with olives and coriander seeds, another with caraway seeds, and the last one with raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds. I also experimented with flowers. Here, I have only 1/4 of the regular white flower. The rest is a combination of the whole wheat and dark rye flour.

The house smells delicious, and I am still able to do lots of real work done for my office. I hope this cold Shabbat will be warm in your houses with the smell of fresh bread.


Shabbat Shalom!


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