Someone close to me is going to Israel. A good man, a good Jew, a trusted friend, maybe more than that maybe not. Like me, he wants to live there but is not sure when and how this is going to happen. But he is going to Israel now while I am staying here not having a chance to go this year. I guess I am lucky I went several times during the last few years, sometimes twice in a year. I am happy for him, but my heart is crying again and I can’t think of anything else. By now he is at JFK, possibly already looking for an El-Al counter. And I am here. I know that I will go one day. Soon enough. First to visit again. Then ONE DAY, B’H to live there. One day. Not now. Not yet.

Tears streaming down my soul

My eyes half closed I see you, Gd’s place.

Today. The day they kick my people out of their homes

Again! Again? Who else pushes their own babies off their own land?

Why, Gd?! Why do You allow it again?

I feel that today I should have been there, in Amona, but I am here in the cold of the city where most of its Jews are very intelligent and very delusional at the same time. People that do not understand the wisdom in the words of Talmud: “Women take precedence over men in receiving alms, and one’s poor relatives come before strangers. The general rule is “the poor of your own town come before the poor of any other town,” but this rule is lifted for the poor of Ereẓ Israel who take precedence over all (Sh. Ar., YD 251:3). ” 


Why this sinat chinam? When will we learn, oh Gd?

Bring us closer, please, and bring us home!


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