Some time ago a friend of mine posted on Facebook “please define a happy relationship”. What a question! Does anyone have an answer? Looking back to the happiest days of my life, was I happy then?

So we lived. In a hut with no water, no bathroom, no heat.

Yet the happiest ever I would be.

When you see through the soul of each other.

When he runs to the door, when your heart soars to heaven.

Are you happy or not? Let me know.


What are you looking for in your life after 50? New love – not possible. Companionship – not enough. Respect, money, achievements? Why is it that you need so much, yet are ready to settle for so little?

What really makes you happy? Today, after the biggest half of your life is “gone with the wind”? Are you crying over lost opportunities, mistakes, and failures, or are you still hoping for the best, not only, or not necessarily in your personal romantic life, but in terms of your children, grandchildren, professional, learning or travel adventures? Today, when on the one hand, you realize that your youth and beauty days are gone forever, but on the other hand – your wisdom (really?), your knowledge, your self-respect, and the one you have for others may constitute a good and happy life.

Yesterday, I’ve hosted a poetry reading evening at my house. People just gathered to have a bite to eat, and read poetry – some their own, some not. Some really great. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Was this happiness? Why not? It’s part of it, for sure.

I was, of course, reading my favorite Yehudah Amichai. I also read a tiny piece written in my happiest days by a man long gone to a better world:


Через целый океан желаний

Через море дружб и пожеланий

Через реки чувства и признаний

Я иду к источнику любви



Through an ocean of desires

Through the sea of friendships and best wishes

Through the rivers full of recognitions

I am walking to the source of love


Poor translation, I know.

So, let us hope that whatever we do, whatever experiences we have, we will be able to pick out sparks of happiness, maybe even, share them with others around us.





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