My Depressing Poetry

I love poetry, but for some reason, when I try my hand at it, everything comes out so depressing, that one might cry.

Nevertheless, I am going to put it here for your critique. My little things are not really poetry, I wouldn’t dare call it that way, but just little try-outs. Torah, Jewishness, Israel are usually my subjects. So here it goes:


dinaHe took me. They took revenge.

We are on the move again.

Who will ever ask me?copyright





Half my life I was praying for children

Here’s my tiny sweet bundle, the second one

Why do I have to die NOW?copyright



Only two of them I gave birth to

All of them are now my children

For eternity I am crying for them.copyright


On Parshat Metzorah:

No matter how You are trying to hide them

Your sins will scream from the walls of your house

With bleeding windowscopyright


Pools of blood around mizbeach.

The blood is of a lamb, the guilt is yours.

Cry for forgiveness.


These are my little Haiku. Hopefully, sometime I will be able to write in a more cheerful tone.




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  1. jmespinozaauthor says:

    write whatever is in your heart

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    1. That’s what I try. Thanks!

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  2. You are a good writer, very good. What gives you joy? What are you passionate about? Therein lies the fire in your soul that will ignite the best pages that you’ll write.

    Nice to meet you via WordPress.

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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  3. Thanks so much, Paulette! Nice “meeting” you too.


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