Michael Solomonov

Some time ago I heard Michael Solomonov’s TED talk  and felt some kind of a connection to him. Was is tragedy or food? In any case, when I saw an invitation from the Jewish Book Council for their “Unpacking the Books” event with three chefs, I, of course, couldn’t pass it by.

The event, featuring Chef Rossi, Michael Solomonov,  Michael W. Twitty and Niki Russ Federman was simply superb. I am lucky to be subscribed to JBC’s events, and I try not to miss them. This one was really special for me.jbc

I didn’t care much for the lady-Chef’s talk, sorry. However, the rest of them were great! The amazing journey and very thoughtful remarks of a black-Jewish convert chef made me follow him on twitter. I am yet to cook something “soul food” but hope to try once his book comes out.

I heard Niki for the second time, first being at Limmud NY last year. Considering that the event took place at The Jewish Museum and that Russ and Daughters finally opened a kosher restaurant at this location, Nikki’s talk was, of course, promotional, but very engaging! She is not a chef, but the stories she tells!

And, finally, Michael Solomonov. What a down-to-earth guy. And how creative! I am so happy his book won the cookbook award for this year! My congratulations to the chef-author!

Of course, after the event people ran to the beautiful lox, sable, crackers, pickles spread presented by the new restaurant to have a taste. I got to talk to Michael a bit and had my book signed. Unfortunately, he is not planning to open a kosher place, but I am planning to cook his dishes in my tiny kosher kitchen. Stay tuned for the updateszahav_cover.0


I still didn’t have a chance to see “In Search of Israeli Cuisine”. Hopefully soon!



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