5 Things You Should Never Order from a Jewish Deli


Even though I pretty much never eat meat these days, I presume many hungry after the 9 days in Av Jews are looking for a good old deli sandwich.

So, when I saw this article, I decided to put it here for a fun short read on Jewish food staples – deli stuff.

Once I started, I couldn’t stop. So, here’s a list of some deli-related articles for your meat eating while reading pleasure. Please note that religious nuances of Judaism might be really lost in many of them.





Of course, the best deli food, even though a bit different than we are used to here, in New York, is in my opinion, found at the shuk in Jerusalem. I, personally love the cheese ones with spicy additions like marinated artichokes, olives, vegetarian dolma, and the likes.

Hopefully, you enjoy those too.


Happy food moments!








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