This Land is Your Land

Walking the streets of Jerusalem, and especially hiking the land around it keeps me thinking of Gd pretty much every minute when I am not in class. The beauty of this land is matched by the resilience and wit of its people.

I am not going to say a lot – see for yourself. From me -just a couple of verses


Pomegranates in front of your home

Lemons in the backyard

Your laundry hanging on the terrace

A memorial stone every other street

With blood of your children you’ve earned the right

To live in The Eternal City

Oh, daughter of Zion

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The Old City brings me to tears

Tears of joy

And of memory of generations gone

I am here for you

All my family that never got to see it





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  1. This is so beautiful, and it reminds me how much I miss Yerushalayim!

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