Some More Fun Jewish Food Reading

I found another fascinating continuation to a 100 Jewish Foods. Tablet is an interesting magazine for me – approximately half of the publications I can’t stand, and another half I like. Is that what defines good journalism – the ability to cater to different tastes? Don’t know and don’t really care. All I can say that whatever is published by it about food, get’s my undivided attention. I am just that gullible, I guess.

This time, I saw an article speaking to my core – Defining Soviet Jewish Cuisine. It’s an interesting recollection of foods that are deemed “Russian” here in New York, but can’t be farther from this definition. Pirogies are Russian. The ones made by my mother, the quintessential soft dough with nachinka – filling can be anything – potatoes, cabbage, meat, fish, or a sweet variation of mixed berries, jams and nuts. They are delicious and satisfying.

Soviet food, which the author of the article is talking about, is some kind of a combination of ethnic foods multiplied by the lack of many kinds of produce and Soviet housewife’s ingenuity.

These foods are now widely popular and loved. In Brooklyn, where I live, there is a multitude of restaurants, where one can indulge in them. Alas! That “one” is not me, as I have been keeping kosher for over 20-odd years now. So I have to make these myself.

I hope you enjoy the article as much as I do.


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