Random Stuff from My Heart

I was ready. SO ready for spring. I saw some buds coming out and hoped for the best. Hoped that this long winter was over.

My hopes in vain, I am looking outside dreading the picture I see. Is it because I am such a warm weather person, or am I just missing you as always when things don’t go my way – which is pretty much every other day?

All I can do is listen to this again and again:

Dance me to the end of love


Where is this road you took so long ago?

Why is it hidden from me? Give me a pass to get there!

Everything I touch screams of you!

Dreams, songs, a sudden glance, a hidden voice, a subtle note

Cruel is today as the day so long ago.

Tears non-stop, pain non-stop.

Where is the end of this journey, G-d?



Snowing again in this city where I live without you

R’member when we thought – it’s at Odessa’s latitude, it is never cold

Scratch that all now – a lifetime after you

It is always cold in this city for me, for eternity


Another Holiday is near

The time of our Freedom

How can I free myself of pain over losing you?

Of submission to fate? Of indifference?

Rooting for my nation, but where are you in its midst?





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