A Small Anniversary

Today marks an interesting anniversary for me – it has been three years since I have started this blog sharing first recipes, then a few verses, and finally some of my own thoughts on Torah with you, my readers. I remember after my first week my amazement at the fact that people who don’t know me, and live around the world are interested in what I have to say. I am grateful to you wherever you are.

During this time I have spent days and nights agonizing about things happening in my life, mostly not too happy. I’ve spent a year saying kaddish for my father, who passed last May, I’ve tried and failed to see the reason behind a relationship, and ended it, I’ve cried in pain …

On the other hand, I’ve seen my girls grow into amazing human beings, and have seen pictures of my “baby” who started a journey working around the world with Remote Year. I have opened an Instagram account with food pictures. I danced again! After a very, very long time. I am not dancing like other people, I express my pain through movement that is my own, not the usual way people move on a dancing floor. Of course, I dance only in the company of women, and only trusted ones.

I was not able to prepare any d’var Torah for this Shabbat as I was lying in bed with migraine again, so here is a Shavuah Tov wish:

May we all meet our new weeks with determination to live through the trials of life as honest, caring and loving people. Despite my own inclination to see black, I am encouraging all of us to see colors. There are so many colors in life, let us embrace them all and love them all.

Shavuah Tov!






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  1. Shavuah Tov and happy blogiversary! G’mar Chatima Tova!


  2. There’s been quite a bit of dark lately, so thank you for the reminder to see color. I’m glad you share your thoughts on Torah. I enjoy reading them! Feel better!!


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