Just an Article About Jewish Food

Right when I was giving a recipe for knafe, someone posted an old article from Forward, the paper that I read very rarely as I have lots of disagreements with its usual stand. This time, the article was about food, so I couldn’t possibly pass that over, especially that it was talking about foods mostly out of sight today.

Please read it here and allow me just a couple of comments.

Firstly, I am so pleased that the stories and recipes of Gil Marks still live and are used by people. I just wanted to add that when my mother made cholodetz or p’tcha as it is called here, she added some chicken legs as well as beef. Funny enough my way of loving it was always to scrape off all the jelly and eat the meat only. Horrible, I know. Last time I ate it was quite a few years back. Not even sure if I’d touch it now.

Gribenes was something my dad z’l used to love! Sometimes I am thinking we should have indulged him more often, but we were, of course, thinking it was really bad for his heart.

I love articles about food. New and old stories of the dishes that are traditional in every family. It shows me once again that variations of the same culinary stories binds us together as one big, and most of the times dysfunctional, Jewish family.




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