Verses of Pain, Food & D’var Torah All in One Shot

I guess we, the unfortunate souls trapped in the cement jungle of the biggest apple of the world – New York City are so used to the pollution we take for air, that once we hit the real clean air of the country, our bodies start to reject it. Right after returning from my mini pre-birthday trip, I had to collapse with a migraine so bad that I couldn’t move my eyes again, let alone my head.

Lying in bed again

With migraine

Every sound hurting like a bee sting

Every speck of light

Penetrating my brain

With my past mistakes


They say I don’t have to pay
With pain for some quiet moments of happiness
Why then my every breath
Is hammered into my brain
With an axe of memory?


Coupled with a ton a work, there is no way I can write a D’var Torah myself. However, I have decided to leave you with the words of the teacher way-way better than myself, my Pardes teacher, Rabbi Meir Schweiger. You can listen to his podcast on this week’s Parshat Behaaloscha – בְּהַעֲלֹתְךָ here.IMG_4362.JPG

So, the only thing I was able to do today besides work was to make myself a quick, easy, and yet healthy lunch of spinach pasta with collard greens, arugula, a bit of cheese (of course) and pine nuts.

Thankfully, I am invited out for Shabbat.

So, with that,

Shabbat Shalom!


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  1. Refuah Sheleima and gut Shabbos!


      1. Thank you, and gut Voch!

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