Songs that I Love

Being at Limmud FSU reminded me again that Jews come in all colors, speak different languages, have diverse backgrounds and like a variety of things.

Music is probably the one thing that brings us together regardless of what specific kind of music we love.


At the conference, we heard the very talented singer from Israel, Ninet. We also heard a couple of songs in Yiddish performed by Zhenya Lopatnik. Yiddish is not dead, apparently even among the Russian Jews!

So, here I’ve decided to post some of the songs I like in different languages. Random, no special order. I am just starting with a song, where the lyrics are from one of my two best friends from the childhood, Elena Olenina:

Sometimes music without words can say even more than with them.


I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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  1. Thank you for the musical interlude – and what a virtuoso!


    1. Yes, I love him! You can google Sanya Kroytor, and listen to his wonderful interpretations of Gershwin

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      1. Already did, and sent a link to my sons. Thank you so much for this

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