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Sanatorium Dzwonkówka
Połoniny St.

Date: 21st of May 1946


On 17th of May 1946, Stanisław Rożek was admitted to our sanatorium at the request of his mother, Eva Weiss. The patient presented with a classic case of post-traumatic stress disorder combined with psychotic episodes and a suspicion of schizophrenia. The initial evaluation hasn’t yet confirmed schizophrenia; Dr. Wysocki’s report is due tomorrow. We will take it from there though at Stanisław’s age the results may still be inconclusive and it’s too early to be sure.

The patient has been left in our care for an unspecified period of time with his mother moving to Palestine.


Stanisław Rożek, born on 27th of August 1928 in Lvov, was the only child of Eva Weiss and Abraham Goldberg. Their names and surnames were legally changed after their escape from the concentration camp at the…

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