Another Quick One Pan Lunch for the Work-at-Home Day

A friend of mine, who recently made Aliyah shared an interesting recipe that I would never have thought of myself – fried bananas. I decided to try it today as I needed a quick lunch from the things that were in my Pesach pantry.

So, here we go:

2 bananas

2 onions (I used red and white, but 2 red ones would be better)IMG_4091

About 1 tbsp butter

1/4 tsp curry (it’s kitniyot)

Juice of 1 lemon

A dash of salt


Slice the onion very thinly, and wash and slice bananas with their peel.

Heat a nice heavy bottom pan (I have a cast iron for Pesach). Put the onions first, and bananas after 1-2 minutes, and sautee them for about 10 minutes.

Add the curry powder, sautee for another 10 minutes stirring once in a while.

IMG_4093At the end, add the salt and lemon juice squeezing it straight from the lemon.

Enjoy – vegetarian, healthy, delicious!




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