A Few Verses Before Passover

Just a few verses combining the events of the day. The life of this world never seizes to amaze, both in good and bad ways.


Oh Egypt, “how the mighty has fallen”!

Egypt, the giant of old

With your gold and your gems, with you valley of kings

Where does your golden queen cry

On a day when the Nile’s full of blood of your children?



Celebration to blood

What a fast reverse

What a painful one too

How is the world silent, again?!


There’s a reason we are not home yet

We still do not love each other

Will that day ever come?


“Next year in Jerusalem”

People singing, joyful and tired

Are we really waiting?



“Next year in Jerusalem ”

When will my “next year” come?







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  1. Reblogged this on Noshing Across the Nation and commented:

    I decided to re-blog this small post. My personal life is much better now, but the life of the world is at a minus one at least. Every day brings harsh news of people dead and people hating, yet every day brings amazing news of kindness and generosity of others.
    Will we, as a humanity ever learn kindness, ever stop hating, ever understand the mysterious ways of the Almighty?
    At the end of the Pesach week, I would like to wish us all to listen, and to hear. If it’s only possible.


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