I believe this is a very timely piece for today. “And let us all place an advertisement throughout the land: No flesh and blood impostor need APPLY!”


Tomorrow is Friday, January 19th, some would call a day of infamy whilst others are celebrating. The odd aspect of the events of the past few weeks have been oddly enough about worshipping. Don’t misunderstand me, for I do not speak of those religious people who are praying to God in their Synagogues and Churches. No, this segment of the American public would not bother to even entertain the idea that there is a power higher than their own arrogance.

Just to clarify this piece of information, it might be instructive to look at post-Communist Revolutionary Russia. After Lenin the dictator and mass murderer managed to destroy most of the houses of worship and kill off, exile or imprison the remaining priests and rabbis, he realised that there was something missing. For the people of Russia, Christian and Jew were religious, in the small hamlets even more so. So he…

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