Random Verses

These days it is hard for me to believe that I live in the same county I came to almost 20 years ago. Things happening today bring me back to depressive thoughts. This time not only for myself, but for all of us, or many of us.

It seems that I am watching one of Eugène Ionesco plays. Theatre of the Absurd

Theatre of the Absurd.jpg


Madness in the world

Insanity rules this country

People upon people

Even Jew against Jew

Almighty! Let us live through this horrible month

Will we all quiet down?



So I opened my heart

For some lucrative aim

So I tried to become someone I’ll never be

Not for me is to trust, not today and not ever

Why on earth did I think things would change?


Blood all over. Today and forever.

Blood in my dreams, blood in my life.

Blood of brit, blood of womb, blood of my sister’s wounds

Bloody hands with that smell that will make you relive every moment

Every pain, every cry, every shot, every cut, every grave …

Blood all over. Today and forever.



Again and again

People so close and forever away

Why did you leave me?

There, in the world, I can’t see

Are you thinking of me?

When I come to your grave, I know you are so far

Far from it, far from us, far from me


How long? Will we ever be close? You and me.




Blue doors and blue windows.

Blue sky of Tzfat

Blue mountains. Land of the blue tombs.

Is this where your soul rests?







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  1. Nice poem! Really enjoyed reading it.


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