Quick and Easy Fish & Potatoes

My friends sometimes ask me for quick, easy, but satisfying recipes, especially those who decided to embrace the path of healthy living  laid out for them by Dr.Nehama Milson. I love to improvise the answers in my kitchen and share them with the world.

One of the only four things that I’ve made this Shabbat is this one-pot fish & potatoes dish that is at the same time easy, satisfying, non-meat, and can be taken literally from the oven to the table.

Since my daughter was coming, I wanted to make something a bit special for her. She does not like salmon, so I got a whole branzini and some cute multicolored tiny potatoes. You can, of course, use any whole fish with this recipe, and just regular potatoes that you will need to cut in small pieces.

So, for a whole fish about 1.5 lb (I further cut off the head) I took:


About 1 lb of tiny new potatoes washed carefully but unpeeled. You can use vegetable washing liquid for this, just make sure to rinse the potatoes off very well.

Clean the fish well. Make sure to get rid of any dark parts within the cavity of the fish – they will make your fish bitter.

A small bunch of parsley and cilantro mix. Again, make sure to wash your greens properly in a big bowl of water, never under running water. My way for washing greens is to use two bowls and move the washed bunch into a second bowl, add more water, wash again, and repeat. Cilantro, especially, tends to be very dirty. Sometimes you see lots of sand in the water up to a third or fourth wash. Then, of course, comes, salting for kashrut reasons if you observe the rules.

Dice the greens and put them into a glass bowl together with a bit of salt, black or other pepper of your preference (I love Allepian pepper), some turmeric, some basil fresh or dried, some oregano. Add some lemon juice and oil of your choice.IMG_3571.JPG If you love olive oil as I do, use it. Do not use more expensive and odorless extra virgin oil unless you have specific reasons for it.

I also added some of my new creation – pickled persimmons. You, of course, don’t have to do it if you don’t have them, just add a bit of thinly sliced garlic to the mix.

Put some of this mixture into the fish cavity, and close it.

Add your potatoes to the bowl and make sure all the potatoes are coated nicely.img_3574

Add potatoes to the glass or other type of oven-to-table dish, where you have the fish prepared. Usually, I use glass baking dishes,   but for Shabbat I like to use a much fancier Lenox set, which I love. I keep buying additional items to it.

img_3575Preheat your oven to 420 F, and close the baking dish tightly with aluminum foil. This will keep the juices from evaporating. Bake for about 20-30 minutes depending on the size of your fish and potatoes.

You can broil your dish after opening it for just 1-2 minutes to add additional color to it.

It is really easy, quick and delicious. Total time  – about 40 minutes including about 10 minutes prep.




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