Sweet Smells of Autumn

What is happening now in New York is called Indian Summer in the US


Бабье лето in Russia

It is really the perfect weather for Sukkot. This year it came so late that I was worried about sitting in a cold and wet sukkah. However, Gd gave us a miracle of this warmth that somehow allows me to stay positive even though I know that winter is inevitable. Of course, I am dreaming of spending Sukkot some day in the best place on earth, but for now, I am happy to share pictures of Jerusalem’s sukkot posted by a favorite blog of mine.

Big, small, tiny, huge

They are popping from the ground

As our faith in You grows.

Sukkot brings the smells of etrog. It whiffs around you like a sweet reminder of the late summer days and makes you wish to gather them all to make cakes, honeyjams, and lemonade from it. Sukkot is really the time of our happiness – זמן שמחתנו. Though most of the ladies that have sukkot at their homes are very busy, they are cheerful as the mitzvah of having guests at your table – הכנסת אורחים carries a lot of positive weight in Judaism.

Just in time for celebrating the Torah and the autumn harvest in Israel, I found this amazing video showing how ancient Israeli food is coming back to life right in front of our eyes.


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