Summer String Beans

Today is three months since we lost my father. How is it that when your parents age, you realize how much more you should have done? I’ve spent two weeks in beautiful Israel doing what I love – studying Torah – thinking how is it that I’ve never come with my dad. I “sent” him there, a few times, but never did we come together. All I can say now is “why?”

So, I’ve decided to spend Shabbat with my mom. This is a bit challenging, mostly since my parents’ place is not kosher. During the last few years, when they realized there was no turning back for me, they’ve made it much more “kosher-friendly” for me, but still.

So I am making some food to take with me. The four of us (my daughters, my mom and I) are now meatless all the time. The girls, for a while. My mom and I are just gradually getting off meat, not for some specific reason, but because we don’t feel the taste for it anymore. I am not sure, maybe I’ll want a lamb chop when I see it perfectly grilled Caucasus style, but for now I am good.

I took:

  • a bunch of green beans – 1/2 pound or so
  • about a half of this amount of yellow wax beans
  • a few regular mushrooms and one portobello
  • about half of big white onion
  • a few springs of scallions
  • about half a bunch of parsley
  • a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar
  • juice of half a lemon
  • a good clove of garlic
  • turmeric
  • dry dill
  • dry basil (would have used fresh if I had it)
  • salt
  • Aleppo pepper

I cooked my green beans in a pot of boiling pot for about 10 minutes. If I were making this for myself, I’d cook them just al dente. However, for my mom, I needed them a bit softer. Add the wax beans just for 2-3 minutes, as they cook faster.

Meanwhile, I fried my onion a bit and added the mushrooms. At this point, it is good to add some balsamic vinegar. it will bring out the portobello flavor.

Once I drained my beans, in they went to the frying pan. Add garlic finely chopped, then spices, and you are all set.

If you love them (I do) add some slivered almonds. This is a beautiful and tasteful summer dish.

Shabbat Shalom!



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