Blood and Tears

There is really nothing to say today – only cry. Cry out of pain, out of anger, and out of helplessness of normalcy in relation to terror and murder.

Today, when the news broke about the brutal murder of an innocent 13-year-old Israeli girl sleeping soundly in her bed by a 17-year-old Arab attacker, all I could do is cry.

עד מתי???

I should, also probably, not use the phrase “news broke out”. Only Israeli channels and Fox News reported this horrific attack. New York Times had nothing better to write, but point out that “Hallel, the victim, was related to Uri Ariel, Israel’s right-wing housing minister”. Really? Does this matter? Would any child be better than other to become a victim? No CNN, no BBC – why? It’s only Jewish blood that is spilled.

We live in a world of turbulence, and crime is, unfortunately, abundant in this “civilized” world of ours. However, no other nation is being killed just for being who they are. Finns are not killed for being Finns, Frenchmen – for being Frenchmen, or Chinese for being Chinese. Only Jews!

The girl lived in Kiryat Arba, near the biblical city of Hebron.  I visited Hebron a few years ago. And, let me tell you something – I saw with my own eyes the caravan-houses of the Jews and the palaces of the Arabs built on EU money. I know that for a Jewish family to get a building permit, Jewish blood needs to be spilled.

What does any 17-year-old boy think about? He thinks about new movies, hopefully, books, possibilities to meet a cute girl, etc. The 17-year-old Arab boy in Israel, apparently, thinks about murder. He is so brainwashed that he doesn’t realize that the murder he is about to commit will end his own life. And this boy doesn’t live in a hut as the media tries to tell us. This is how this society breeds its children – for hate, for murder, for death.

I am a religious Jew, and I do know that everything is, somehow, within H-Shem’s plan for the world, as hard as it is. I do not believe, though, that the world should sit silently by the murder of the nation that gave it THE BOOK with all its human values. And I ask you – learn the history! Stop using the wrong words. There is no “West Bank”. There is Judea. There is Samaria. There are no “Palestinians”. There are Arabs. Most of them, I do believe, want their children to go to school, to work, to marry, bring peace into this world. Some – want to murder. Let’s not help them by giving in to political correctness. Fighting is not only with weapons. It’s with our words, thoughts, petitions, prayers.


עם ישראל חי!


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