On those rare occasions that I work from home and find time to make lunch for myself, I consider myself lucky. I feel double lucky today, as for the first time my husband found a kosher halloumi cheese! When I am in Israel, I make it a point to eat salads with halloumi. However, here in Brooklyn, it is not so easy to find it kosher in the stores. Thankfully, my husband is a master food finder.

So today, while sitting here at my computer and feeling the hunger crawling up my stomach, I decided to make a salad from whatever I can find in the kitchen.

So I had:




some bean sprouts

and, of course, halloumi cheese

I have cut the cheese into cubes, dipped them in whisked egg and breadcrumbs mixed with some za’atar and Aleppo pepper. I make my own breadcrumbs not because I am so gourmet, but just because I hate throwing bread away, and we never finish our Shabbat bread, and never eat bread during the week. So, after Shabbat, I usually just cut the leftover bread, sprinkle it with some spices and toast. Then I have croutons and breadcrumbs. Genius and easy, no?

While my cheese pieces were frying, I diced the tomato, cucumber, avocado and added to the bowl with sprouts.

I whisked a tiny bit of labne with some olive oil and apple cider vinegar and poured it all onto the salad.

Topped my salad with fried cheese, and – fast, easy, delicious. My kind of food.

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