Matzah Brei

Why is it that no matter how late the Holiday is coming in the year, it always hits me suddenly?  Cleaning for Pesach? I am sure many of you are half done. I am only half started.  I am totally impressed by some of the ladies out there that are so organized that they manage to do it in one! day. As for me, I am busy thinking about the menu. It’s so much more fun!

While thinking about it, I can’t help but notice all the “real American matzah brei” recipes, and I have to admit – none of them suits me. They are sweet.

So, I can’t just leave it at that. I have to share the real matzah brei, the one my grandma made, and I, of course, had to manipulate a bit.

Here we go. You will need:

  1. A few squares of matzah depending on how big you want your matzah brei. You can use any type, but if you are past Pesach time, the one with basil, onion, etc. is best. I have just made a small one for one super hungry, or two not-too-hungry people with just four of these. One has to use up all last year’s matzah, as it’s not going to be kosher for Pesach this year.
  2. One or two eggs
  3. Any kinds of greens you want:

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  4. Grape tomatoes (optional)
  5. Green Olives (optional)
  6. Milk – about 1 cup
  7. Any cheese or combination of them that you like – about 1/2 cup
  8. Olive, canola, or peanut oil or butter
  9. Salt, pepper, spices (oregano, turmeric, basil, garlic salt, etc) to taste


Take you matzah, and put it in a bowl. Do not break it into small pieces. Depending on the bowl you use, you will break off some parts, but not all of it.

Pour cold milk over the matzah and let it soak for about 10 minutes while you are preparing vegetables. Turn matzah a few times to allow all of it to get soaked. Some parts will be softer than others – no worries.IMG_2586[1]

Meanwhile, wash, dry and dice your vegetables.

Pour the milk out of the bowl with matzah.

Whisk the egg(s) in another bowl and add spices. Add milk to this bowl.


Put a layer of matzah on a pre-heated, oiled frying pan. IMG_2588[1]

Add the chopped vegetables on top of the matzah. Top with the grated cheese(s).

Cover with the rest of the matzah.

Now pour the egg/milk mixture over the matzah trying to cover the whole pan, so that it penetrates evenly.

Close the pan and fry at medium heat for about five minutes.

Take a spatula and turn the matzah pie to the other side.

Give it another five minutes in the pan. Invert on a plate, and if you are as much a cheese lover as I am, add some grated parmesan on top.


Enjoy hot!

You can make it a bit healthier by backing the matzah-pie in the oven as opposed to frying it. Either way will yield a delicious breakfast/brunch dish.





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