Jewish Food Fun Facts

With the Rosh ha Shana approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to put some Jewish food trivia so that you have some fun preparing for crowds of guests:

Here are some interesting food history facts worth knowing:

Seven Products of the Land of Israel from the Torah:
“Wheat and barley, and vines and fig-trees and pomegranates; olive trees and honey” (Devarim 8:8)bb928a3a891f7b3313b4763db5d23d3d

Up until the beginning of the last century olive oil constituted 20%-30% of the daily caloric intake of the inhabitants of Israel.

The Jews in Alsace specialized in breeding fat geese, whose livers they chopped and made into a paste (chopped liver) and out of which Jean-Pierre Close, the chef of one of Loius XIV’s commanders in 17th century developed ‘pate de fois gras.’

The art of making Stuffed Cabbage was developed for the dish to be served on Simchat Torah as the rolled cabbage reminds us of the Torah scrolls.

The earliest recipe for gefilte fish (stuffed pike) gefilte-fish-a-la-veracruzanaappeared in a manuscript written in Germany in 1350.

If you want to know more about Jewish food, I highly recommend a great book from my late friend,                      Gil Marks,  The man was a walking encyclopedia on the subject. May his memory be a blessing to all of us.


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