Something from Nothing или каша из топора. Take Two. Easy, Fast, Healthy, Delicious.

This post is another shout out to those of my friends that may be at a loss regardingimg_3609 a regular after-work dinner that should be fast, yet nutritious and delicious.

Today is one of these days when I have pretty much nothing in my fridge having spent Shabbat at my mother’s. No leftovers. So after work, I decided to make a quick stop at Organic Circle, a very nice, but very expensive store right next to my subway stop. I bought a head of red cabbage as the red cabbage salad was requested for Thanksgiving by my daughter and some red kale for another salad.

Once home, I just washed a bit of that kale thoroughly, tore it into bite-size pieces, placed in a bowl and massaged it with my hands. It pays to do it for a least 2-3 minutes, I wish I had the patience to do it a bit longer.

Apart from kale, I had:

  • a tiny apple
  • half of a red sweet grapefruit
  • a bit of cranberry cinnamon goat cheese
  • some nuts – cashew, macadamia, pecans, which I chopped using this ingenious device that I love and use quite often

I added pieces of grapefruit (make sure to remove all the membranes), cut apples, cheese and nuts to the kale

together with some brewers’ yeast, sweet paprika, turmeric, freshly ground black pepper and a bit of pink salt. The sweetness of the apple and grapefruit offset the slight bitterness kale has. The salad is truly filling, healthy and delicious. Time spent? Hardy 6-7 minutes.



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