A Trusted Friend – Make Desserts Healthy!

Today, I want to bring you a trusted friend, a book that I have used numerous times to bake cakes that are healthy and delicious at the same time. I am not sure why I never heard anyone talking about this one, but for me this is really one of the most useful baking books….

Still Thinking about Pardes?!

Just some ranting: This year’s program was a bit different. Firstly, it was bigger than the ones I attended before. It was also much more diverse. People came, of course, from the States and England as they always come, but this year there was a relatively large group of youngsters from France, one lady from…

Lunches at work

So this is not about recipes but has some remote connection to food. My daughter is starting her new job at Wistia, and I’ve just read a very interesting blog about the culture of technology startups – The cost of catered lunches. http://wistia.com/blog/costs-of-catered-lunches What’s your take?