Everything is for the Best – הכל לטובה

So all the stress, all the packing, all the store hopping for my next kitchen has been in vain. Not every time things work out as you think they should. Sometimes, the Universe (Gd?) thinks otherwise and then it pushes you to look at the situation from all kinds of perspectives.

So, today my perspectives are:

Family – I get to stay where I am now because my mom, my elder daughter, and my niece with the little ones are close to me. They need me, and I need them.

Community – Maybe I am happier here in the place where “everyone knows my name” and I don’t feel invisible like I do in a huge shul where diamonds are big and the mansions make you think that you are in a fairy tale. Life is much more to the ground though, and maybe I am not such a strong person to live next to so much wealth.

Familiarity – I can’t believe I lived in one place (three apartments, but one area) since I came here 25 years ago. That’s the longest I’ve been in one place during my entire life. Sometimes I think I can walk with my eyes closed even though I am topographically challenged (invented a nice euphemism for my chronical inability to go somewhere without Waze. No idea how I lived before) Familiar faces in the street, familiar sounds, foods, even discussions. Together with this comes the drive for something new – new adventures, new work, new Torah, new studies.

And, maybe most importantly – us. Just the two of us. Despite the challenges of these really tough years, every day I feel the shoulder of this amazing person next to me, I feel so lucky. I have been blessed so profoundly, so unexpectedly, and so unfairly even considering that some people will never understand what I am talking about.

Another calendar year comes to an end. All I can wish for all of use, besides health, of course, is that we somehow merit these miracles in our lives. And once we do, we acknowledge them as such. Miracles. Nothing less. May 2022, 23,24,25…… be the years of miracles. For me, for you, for humanity.

And may we always have good food!

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