The Cycle Continues – Noah / נח

As promised, I am posting the D’var Torah from another teacher, this time Dena Weiss from Mechon Hadar. I hope you enjoy her take on Noah.

For me, the eternal question – was Noah a true tzaddik or just better than everyone in that generation, is answered with a strong – true tzaddik! How many times can we stand to an affront? Noah had to withstand ridicule for 50 to 75 years according to different calculations. He was convinced that he was fulfilling the word of G-d – That’s enough in my book.

Laugh at me

Curse at me

I don’t need to hear you, I listen to Gd, only!


Since we are talking about the very start, hence the source of everything, it is appropriate, I think to bring your attention to the article written by a young Rabbi, I once knew as a little boy. That boy was the first one to use three languages in one sentence while addressing his mother. Now I hear many children doing the same. That boy’s parents, especially his mother profoundly influenced my choosing Orthodox Judaism as a way of life. His aunt was my first real teacher in Halachah.

I am also happy to note that religious articles started to appear in The Forward, one of the most liberal Jewish papers I know. Somehow, I am convinced that the change in attitude had a lot to do with that young man’s wife now working there as an editor.

I hope you will enjoy this thoughtful and honest discourse coming from a man with the truly international Orthodox background. I can only imagine the pride his parents must feel.



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